Food Insecurity and Veganism 

Food insecurity, according to the USDA, is the reduction of quality, variety, and/or desirability of foods available to a person, which depending on severity, may or may not include a disrupted eating pattern. Over 12 percent or 15.6 million households within the United States reported food insecurity at some point during 2016. To aid in the prevalence of food insecurity in America, food banks, pantries, and other community initiatives exist to provide supplemental food items to individuals and families. While food pantries and food banks are often filled on a donation basis, healthful plant-based items can still be found on the shelves in both shelf-stable and fresh forms. Furthermore, food insecurity should not hinder one’s ability to consume a balanced vegan diet and live a cruelty-free lifestyle. I, along with Hillary Rettig, Co-founder of Vegan Kalamazoo, have developed a guide to educate those working, volunteering, and/ or utilizing supplemental food distribution programs on the possibilities of building vegan food bags with food pantry items.

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How to Put Together a Vegan Food Bag: A Guide for Food Pantries